Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hormonal mamma tears


Pregnancy..... brady and i have spent many moments laying on the bed talking about our baby boy.  or in some cases my hormonal mommy tears are streaming down my face while talking about the changes mentally and physically that are happening to my mind and body, and sometimes i just look at brady and feel so bad that i am being so moody and such a baby but warning to all mothers to be, make sure your husband is amazing.... i couldn't do this without mine, there are times when just looking at brady i bust into extreme tears i mean convulsing tears and he just hurry and runs over to me, its usually because i was bothered by somebody earlier that day or i am hungry and then at times i cry harder because i hate that i am crying in the first place and you finish the fit off with laughing cries together. And i just silently curse brady and think you don't have to change a bit, not a single thing and this little guy is still half yours, how is that possible (but he does have to deal with emotional mamma over here, bless him).  And other days i am a bit selfish and think guys are missing out on experiencing this beautiful thing, growing another human being, did you catch that? another. human. being. its completely crazy if you think about it, when i feel his sweet kicks and sometimes i get shivers because there is something inside of me.  but all in all this little babe has brought brady and i even more close and more united.... half way there until this mamma gets to hold our boy excited is a major understatement.


  1. Beautiful. Probably a bad sign that I act like this already and I'm far from pregnant...future husband has lots to look forward to haha! I love what you said about how it unifies you and Brady even more. Lovely post.

  2. i love how you are 20 weeks and don't even look pregnant. AT ALL. ahhhhhhh i miss you how are you feeling??? we are coming up to utah next week but I don't know how much time i'll have to see people. If I can swing it then I'll call you and we can do lunch or somethin!!!!!! LOVE YOU

  3. oh gosh, first off you are absolutely beautiful! loving that little baby belly of yours! second, this almost has me really nervous because i feel like i am already a basket case as it is. ha, my poor hubby. he has no idea what's coming his way ;)
    xo TJ

  4. this photo feels so still & peaceful. i can't imagine when i'm pregnant some day...i'll be an absolute wreck!

  5. You look great dear, lovely post
    I just found your blog and i like it a lot..

    would you like to follow each other??

    xoxo and have a great week sweetie**