Friday, June 22, 2012

have a calming weekend.


Brady has been stressed to the maximum amount this week, stupid full time work and full time school during summer = the worst. So last night I surprised him and booked him an hour massage (he has only had two in his whole life) he was was speechless when I told him and very much appreciative (i came home to beautiful fresh flowers already in their vase) and he walked around like a zombie the rest of the night with sleepy eyes and bed head, I think it did the trick, so now I can have my husband back!  We are trying out a new Mexican restaurant Downtown tonight, yum.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend soaking up the sun...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back from San Diego

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We are back from San Diego, we were there for a week with my whole family and fell into a dreamy daily routine that has been hard to snap out of.  We stayed in a lovely house on Coronado and have decided its the most perfect location in the world.  Even though the weather wasn't warm enough to go to the beach every day it was still great because it gave us the opportunity to explore the city and not burn up into flames.  We went to the zoo of course which was a must and old town san diego which i loved, giving that my favorite style on the planet is spanish style i could have burned out our whole bank account but we limited ourselves to a set of spanish coasters and a pretty great spanish print blanket which I think will look great in the boys room.  Riding bikes, playing games, eating goooood food, running on the beach, people watching and just talking with everybody will be very much missed!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Millcreek Canyon

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We headed up the gorgeous millcreek canyon for dinner Friday night and let me tell ya, it was all you could imagine. Hot dogs, tin foil dinners, and Cass even made caramel apple smores- yes they exist and everybody should try one. Loved being with this group, and all three of us are pregnant so it definitely gives us good, interesting sometimes weird? conversation... Utah summers are the best.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

our iphone summer

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My iphone has been put to work these past couple of weeks; with not wanting to hall my big camera around to our summer activities (brady is convinced I will loose it??) luckily the little guy does a good job!

p.s- if you were following my blog I made this new one but kept the same web address so it deleted all followers, so the one you are following no longer exists.  If you want to follow go down to the bottom of the page!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

thank goodness for the pool

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I am slowly out growing my clothes.  He is a growing boy and loves stretching my abdominal muscles to the max, I think they are now officially shot, making it hard to sit up so the process is now me pushing myself up with my hands. Dressing for summer is already hard enough but dressing a bump for 98 degree weather is quite ridiculous which makes going to the pool solo sprawled out in my swim suit a daily activity, it's the only way I will make it through this summer alive.

 I am now 23 weeks and honestly can't believe that my little guy has about 5 more pounds to go, keep growing lover we want you as chunky as can be.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a healthy baby


22 weeks.

As long as he is a healthy baby; you hear that so much, when you start your pregnancy your mind is going nuts because of all the changes you are going to go through in every single aspect; some times you freak out to your mom, husband, doctor and friends and they all say... you won't care just as long as you have a healthy baby.  You won't care if you gain 100 extra pounds and have stretch marks covering your whole body, that sometimes you think you should be sent to your room for a week so everybody can have a break from you, well it's true... the further I have gone into my pregnancy the more and more I have fallen in love with our baby; there are so many horrible things that can happen, bodies are complicated! One slight hiccup and your whole life changes, yes I will still continue to exercise/eat healthy/try not to be crazy emotional/lather cocoa butter on my stomach religiously, I will read my mamma books and educate myself.  But everything doesn't go perfectly when you plan something and planning how you are going to look and act during your pregnancy... yeah good luck! So as long as I come out of this with a healthy baby boy anything can happen to me physically/emotionally and I will put myself back together in the end, I would do anything to make sure this happens. Just a little over 4 months left! And my belly button poked out last week, yes we were thrilled!

Friday, May 25, 2012

stormy weekend brewing up

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We usually spend our weekends outside with milo running around like crazy non stop but with this dark wet weather I think laying on the couch in our sweats being lazy sounds pretty great.  After a weird scare last night and this morning with my blood pressure and muscle spasms I think its best that we do just that.

And how adorable is that picture of those two watching a baseball game together... truly best friends.