Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a healthy baby


22 weeks.

As long as he is a healthy baby; you hear that so much, when you start your pregnancy your mind is going nuts because of all the changes you are going to go through in every single aspect; some times you freak out to your mom, husband, doctor and friends and they all say... you won't care just as long as you have a healthy baby.  You won't care if you gain 100 extra pounds and have stretch marks covering your whole body, that sometimes you think you should be sent to your room for a week so everybody can have a break from you, well it's true... the further I have gone into my pregnancy the more and more I have fallen in love with our baby; there are so many horrible things that can happen, bodies are complicated! One slight hiccup and your whole life changes, yes I will still continue to exercise/eat healthy/try not to be crazy emotional/lather cocoa butter on my stomach religiously, I will read my mamma books and educate myself.  But everything doesn't go perfectly when you plan something and planning how you are going to look and act during your pregnancy... yeah good luck! So as long as I come out of this with a healthy baby boy anything can happen to me physically/emotionally and I will put myself back together in the end, I would do anything to make sure this happens. Just a little over 4 months left! And my belly button poked out last week, yes we were thrilled!


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  3. Health is the most important thing! My mom (who is 40) recently gave birth to my baby sister! She was such a surprise to everyone and we are 19 years apart. The only thing we really cared about was that she was healthy! After that, everything falls into place. Don't worry :)

  4. I just found your blog! Your pregnant belly is so cute. Prayers for you and your healthy baby!