Wednesday, June 6, 2012

thank goodness for the pool

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I am slowly out growing my clothes.  He is a growing boy and loves stretching my abdominal muscles to the max, I think they are now officially shot, making it hard to sit up so the process is now me pushing myself up with my hands. Dressing for summer is already hard enough but dressing a bump for 98 degree weather is quite ridiculous which makes going to the pool solo sprawled out in my swim suit a daily activity, it's the only way I will make it through this summer alive.

 I am now 23 weeks and honestly can't believe that my little guy has about 5 more pounds to go, keep growing lover we want you as chunky as can be.


  1. You look great! And hooray for pools. Pregnant or not, pools are always amazing in hot weather.

  2. Love the bump! And just wait, it's just about to get out of control!! Then your body temp rises too...summer pregnancy is such a blast! Nothing a nice cool pool and an intense pool floaty can't conquer :)

    1. ha ha i am nervous for the out of control part, i already feel out of control every time i wake up and then again when i go to bed yeeesh lol and your daughter is the cutest bean ever!!!!